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As a training organisation we always encourage our clients to continually develop themselves and their employees. Training your employees can bring lots of benefits to your business. Here are ARO’s 6 Reasons to get qualified and upskill employees:


  1. Increase productivity

If your employees know what they’re doing and are properly trained, productivity will increase. Training can improve business performance, increase profit and improve customer service.

Training adds flexibility and efficiency. You can cross-train employees to be capable in more than one aspect of the business. Teach them to be competent in sales, customer service, administration and operations. This will help keep them interested and will be enormously helpful to you when setting schedules or filling in for absences. Cross-training also fosters team spirit, as employees appreciate the challenges faced by co-workers.


  1. Reduce employee turnover

Training staff may have initial costs but recent surveys indicate that 40% of employees who receive poor job training leave their positions within the first year. They cite the lack of skills training and development as the principal reason for moving on.

Consider the cost of turnover. With one fewer worker, your company’s productivity slips. Sales decline. Your current staff members are required to work more hours. Morale may suffer. To find a replacement, you spend time screening and interviewing applicants. The cost of staff turnover adds up. Wouldn’t this money be better spent on teaching your staff?

Training gives seasonal workers a reason to return. Let seasonal employees know there are more ways than one to contribute. Instead of hiring someone new, offer them a chance to learn new skills and benefit from their experience.

Investing in your employees will let them know you are interested in developing their skills. As a result they tend to stay longer and contribute more to your business.


  1. Free up your Supervisors’ time

Untrained and under-qualified staff can drain your management resources and distract your best people from urgent and important tasks. How many times have your supervisors said that they can’t do something because they are still “keeping an eye” on an employee? Free up supervisors’ time and effort by training employees to do the work themselves.

Avoid becoming over-reliant on one person by training at least one other alternative member of your team to an accredited standard. You can choose what new skills your workforce gains, targeting skills to meet the needs of your business for now and in the future

Training is essential for knowledge transfer, If only one person has special skills, you’ll have a tough time recouping their knowledge if they suddenly leave the company. Spread knowledge around — it’s like expanding your investments.


  1. Decrease work-related injury/illness

Training in health and safety will reduce the amount of work based injuries which occur. This protects not only the employee, but also the employer when it comes to possible law suits. Insurance companies are more likely to provide better premiums for your company if operational risk is better managed by having qualified and trained staff. Speak with your insurance company to see if it can make a difference.

Maintaining credentials/tickets/licences is cheaper than allowing them to expire and starting again. Ensure that the hard won qualifications of your employees remain up to date with regular training and professional development. They’re upskilled to do new and different tasks, which keeps them motivated and fresh.


  1. Boost your Business’s image

Reputation is incredibly important in any service industry. Gaining an accreditation can be prestigious in terms of promoting the business and ensuring that people would like to work for, and with, the organisation. Training your staff can result in better customer service and improved repeat business.

You can use the qualified staff tag line in promotional material to attract customers to your brand. In some cases in order to access profitable contracts for your business you need to have staff, and so having your staff trained means accessing these lucrative contracts.


  1. Increase job satisfaction and motivation among employees

A happy workforce is a productive workforce. Training increases the wellbeing of employees and reduces absenteeism, mistakes and stress in the workplace.

Acquiring new skills increases their contribution to the business and builds their self-esteem, the training they do can take them into other positions within the business – positions with better prospects and/or better pay rates. Consider this also as a business owner, it could re-invigorate your motivation to run your own business and how you may operate it.

Training is a recruiting tool. Today’s young workers want more than a wage; they are geared toward seeking employment that allows them to learn new skills. You are more likely to attract and keep good employees if you can offer development opportunities.


Learning and upgrading employee skills makes business sense. It starts from day one, and is continuous as your employees grow within your business. Granted, occasionally it may take some time to see a return on your investment, but the long-term gains associated with training really make the difference.