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We are glad to announce we have launched our new website and a fresh new logo. Here you will find information on the courses we offer in Horticulture and Business, Educational resources and access to our Horticulture and Business e-learning portals. ARO is a team with a passion for Horticulture and Business who love to pass on their skills and knowledge to others.

Over the course of 2014 we will be conducting class based horticulture Certificate II courses in Lonsdale and Elizabeth with a focus on becoming ready for a job as well as our regular training with those on traineeships working in the industry.

We will also be running ARO SafeChem & Chainsaw safety courses as we believe chemical & chainsaw safety is a high priority in our industry. ARO will continuously be evolving and changing as our industry does so we look forward to continuing our partnership with those in the horticultural and business industries and welcome anyone with a passion to learn about horticulture.