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What is a Traineeship?

Traineeships are structured training programs that are a valuable alternative for those who wish to gain a qualification through employment. Practical experience at work is complemented with off-the-job training. You can have a job and be paid while you learn, and on successful completion you can end up with a nationally recognised qualification.

Australia is currently experiencing a skills shortage and in certain industry areas there exists a high demand for qualified workers. Successful completion of traineeship may lead to exciting and rewarding career paths, often with great financial reward and many work opportunities.

The Contract of Training is initiated by the employer and an Australian Apprenticeship Centre representative, whereby then ARO Educational Services is then chosen as the Registered Training Organisation to provide the training component of the course.

Any assessment will be conducted by a person with appropriate industry experience and training qualification. We will arrange a suitable person to conduct your assessment regardless of your qualification.


Who can apply for Apprenticeships or Traineeships?

Q: Who can be placed in a traineeship?
A: Anyone who is working in the workplace environment that meets the requirements. Contact the Apprenticeship Centres.

Q: Can they be an existing or new employee?
A: Depending on the course and the level of the course, there may be restrictions on whether they can be existing and new for the employers to access potential Commonwealth subsidies.

Q: Can they be casual employees? –
A: No, they need to be part-time or full time, and the number of working hours reqiured will depend on the course and course level.

Q: Can they be the owners of the company?
A: No, they can be directors that are not owners, but not contractors. They must be an employee of the company and not in partnerships.

Q: How long is this traineeship?
A: That will depend on the course and course level.

Q: Can the trainee be formally recognised for what they already do and or know?
A: Yes. This is called Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) and may result in getting your certificate sooner.

Q: Is there any upper age limit to undertaking a traineeship?
A: No


Interested in an apprenticeship or traineeship?

Know your rights and responsibilities before you sign up! As an apprentice or trainee you will need to sign a training contract. The training contract is a legally binding agreement between you and your employer to achieve the qualification stated in your contract.

So before you sign up, check that you understand what is involved. Your contract outlines your rights and obligations and includes:

  • The industrial arrangement underpinning your employment (eg. salary, annual leave, sick leave, other entitlements)
  • Your hours of work
  • A training plan that specifies what training you will receive.

If you have any questions about your training or employment, discuss them with your employer before you sign your contract.


For further information go to:

Australian Apprenticeships Support Network

Australian Apprenticeship Support Networks:


Business SA
MAS National

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ARO is a registered training organisation #40056.


I have used ARO Educational Services for the last 3 years and from a small business owner I can only say how professional, helpful and patient they have been is assisting with training our staff over this time.

Over 11 years experience with ARO from apprenticeship to Advanced Diploma. They gave all possible guidance & help. Their trainers were always readily accessible and the course was made to fit around my work. My study with ARO has been invaluable to my career.

Barri Thomas, Hillside Herbs

As an employer it was easy and seamless to get ARO on board to train my employees. I would be happy to recommend ARO.

Llew Rushton, VIP franchisee

Great trainers & training. Useful material that is helpful & practical for my work. Great communication.

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