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AHC50416 – Diploma in Horticulture

What is the course about?

This qualification is for people who want to develop an understanding of the management of a horticultural enterprise or business requiring higher technical skills. Undertaking this course will develop skills & knowledge in managing plant health, managing horticultural trials, collecting & managing data, preparing reports, monitoring & managing soils, managing plant cultural practices for amenity horticulture, developing strategies for the management of target pests & collecting & classifying plants. Job titles may include: Senior horticulturalist, Parks & Garden manager, Horticulture enterprise manager.


What is it going to do for me?

This qualification will expand your knowledge & skills & hence your employability in this field Depending on the subject chosen, you will be able to:

  • Manage horticultural business activities
  • Administer the business
  • Develop planting programs
  • Provide specialist advice on plants, products & treatments
  • Prepare estimates, quotes & tenders
  • Prepare & monitoring budgets & financial reports
  • Negotiate with clients & others
  • Manage growing environments
  • Production planning
  • Implement sustainable horticultural practices


How long is it going to take?

The course length is 48 months (4 years). But this can be shortened depending on your current skills which can go towards recognition of prior learning (RPL).


How is the qualification delivered?

The trainers come to you at your work place & are very willing to make multiple visits to you if necessary. They are able to tailor your training, to meet the required standards of competency. Please contact us for further information.


What does the course contain?

  • Completion of ten (10) elective units.


  • a minimum of four (4) units must come from elective group A
  • a minimum of four (4) units must come from elective groups A or B
  • a maximum of two (2) units may be selected from units aligned to Certificate IV or above in AHC10
  • or from any other currently endorsed training package or accredited course. Selected units must meet job outcomes relevant to horticulture.




Diagnose plant health problems


Manage a controlled growing environment


Assess trees


Manage landscape projects


Plan the restoration of parks & gardens


Manage parks & reserves



Manage staff


Prepare estimates, quotes & tenders


Prepare & monitor budgets & financial reports


Plan the restoration of parks & gardens


Conduct comprehensive inspection of park facilities


Prepare estimates, quotes & tenders


Prepare & monitor budgets & financial reports


Manage landscape projects


Prepare reports


Manage a controlled growing environment


Manage plant cultural practices



Target group are primarily engaged in a horticulture industry environment, & are likely to be involved in coordinating a wide range of activities. They are likely to be the Horticulture manager, & has significant responsibilities in managing the horticulture business activities Target group are experienced workers in this type of organisation, but may have no qualification & or require up skilling of current knowledge & skills. They are existing new employees or can be longer existing workers.


Delivery & Assessment Arrangements

Duration: The program is delivered over a period of …24 months full time or equivalent part- time.

Organisation: The 10 units of competency in the qualification are all considered applied industry skills. There are 52 units to choose from, & therefore the programme can be tailored to suit the client’s needs.

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I have used ARO Educational Services for the last 3 years and from a small business owner I can only say how professional, helpful and patient they have been is assisting with training our staff over this time.

Over 11 years experience with ARO from apprenticeship to Advanced Diploma. They gave all possible guidance & help. Their trainers were always readily accessible and the course was made to fit around my work. My study with ARO has been invaluable to my career.

Barri Thomas, Hillside Herbs

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