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AHC20513 – Certificate II in Arboriculture

What is the course about?

This qualification is suitable for people wanting to start a career in Arboriculture. If you want to progress to Certificate III in Arboriculture the industry advises completion of AHCARB203A Perform above ground pruning and AHCARB204A Undertake standard climbing techniques.
Job titles may include: Tree Worker, Grounds Worker

What is it going to do for me?

This qualification will expand your knowledge & skills & hence your employability in this field
You will be able to:

  • Safe use of stump grinder
  • Safe use of Mobile Chipper
  • Maintaining the health of trees
  • Removal of small trees
  • Pruning & shaping of trees

How long is it going to take?

As an ‘independent’ student (not studied under Contract of Training conditions) the learning is self-paced, so the length of time to complete the qualification is dependent on the learner’s current skills and ability to commit time to their studies. As a Traineeship (studied under a Contract of Training) this qualification has a nominal length of 18 months (1.5 years). This can be shortened depending on your current skills, which can go towards recognition of prior learning (RPL).

How is the qualification delivered?

If you are currently employed in Horticulture, training can be delivered through a Traineeship. The trainers come to your workplace & use your practical work experience combined with the bookwork to help you achieve your certificate.

If you are currently not employed in Horticulture, ARO can still help you. Please contact us to discuss your options.

What does the course contain?

Completion of fifteen (15) units made up of eight (8) core units and seven (7) elective units.
Elective Units
a minimum of four (4) units must come from elective list
a maximum of 3 units may be selected from units packaged in Certificates II or III in AHC10
or from any other currently endorsed training package or accredited course. Selected units must be relevant to job outcomes in the arboriculture industry
Please note the elective listed are the most commonly delivered

CPCCOHS2001A Apply OHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry
AHCARB202A Fell small trees
AHCARB206A Undertake stump removal
AHCARB207A Perform ground based rigging
FPICOT2239A Trim and cut felled trees
FPIHAR2206B Operate a mobile chipper/mulcher
HLTFA211A Provide basic emergency life support
TLID1001A Shift materials safely using manual handling methods
AHCARB203A Perform above ground pruning
AHCARB204A Undertake standard climbing techniques
AHCCHM201A Apply chemicals under supervision
AHCMOM204A Undertake operational maintenance of machinery
CPCCCM2010B Work safely at heights
CPCCCM3001C Operate elevated work platforms
AHCPMG201A Treat weeds
AHCPMG202A Treat plant pests, diseases and disorders
AHCPCM201A Recognise plants
AHCWRK209A Participate in environmentally sustainable work practices

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I have used ARO Educational Services for the last 3 years and from a small business owner I can only say how professional, helpful and patient they have been is assisting with training our staff over this time.

Over 11 years experience with ARO from apprenticeship to Advanced Diploma. They gave all possible guidance & help. Their trainers were always readily accessible and the course was made to fit around my work. My study with ARO has been invaluable to my career.

Barri Thomas, Hillside Herbs

As an employer it was easy and seamless to get ARO on board to train my employees. I would be happy to recommend ARO.

Llew Rushton, VIP franchisee

Great trainers & training. Useful material that is helpful & practical for my work. Great communication.

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