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ARO provides practical hands-on learning in the various qualifications and short courses of horticulture. These include: ARO’s full scope of training as at July 2015.


Horticulture Cert 2 – 6
Landscaping Cert 2 – 3
Parks and Gardens Cert 2 – 4
Production Horticulture Cert 2 – 5
Sports Turf Management Cert 2 – 6
Arboriculture Cert 2 – 5
Business studies Cert 3 – 5
Conservation and Land Management Cert 2 – 3
Irrigation Cert 3


Short Courses:

Course Title
Plant Recognition (1 day)
ARO SafeChem Card (2 days)
ARO Chainsaw Card (2 days)
WHS & cost a project (Cluster A) (3 full days spread over 3 months + projects)
Landscape Paving (Cluster B) (3 full days spread over 3 months + projects)
Landscape Features (Cluster C) (3 full days spread over 3 months + projects)
Irrigation & Turf (Cluster D)(3 full days spread over 3 months + projects)
Soft Scaping & weed control (Cluster E) (3 full days spread over 3 months + projects)
Amenity pruning & pest control (Cluster F) (3 full days spread over 3 months + projects)
Landscape Supervisors short course – 3 days


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ARO is a registered training organisation #40056.


I have used ARO Educational Services for the last 3 years and from a small business owner I can only say how professional, helpful and patient they have been is assisting with training our staff over this time.

Over 11 years experience with ARO from apprenticeship to Advanced Diploma. They gave all possible guidance & help. Their trainers were always readily accessible and the course was made to fit around my work. My study with ARO has been invaluable to my career.

Barri Thomas, Hillside Herbs

As an employer it was easy and seamless to get ARO on board to train my employees. I would be happy to recommend ARO.

Llew Rushton, VIP franchisee

Great trainers & training. Useful material that is helpful & practical for my work. Great communication.

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